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Author Blog TAKEOVER - Meet Ryan J Doughan

Ryan J Doughan


First of all, I just wanted to offer a big “Thank you” to Kathy for the opportunity to share.
(It is my pleasure, Ryan.)

My name is Ryan J Doughan and I am the author of the epic fantasy novel, MIST FALCON which is Book One of the Warrior Poet Archives and THE TOUCH HEIST, a novelette in the same series.

Reading. My love affair with writing blossomed out of a love for reading—a love for stories, really. I grew up with a dad who read to me every night. He opened the worlds of Narnia and Middle Earth to me amongst many others. I will ever be grateful for that. 

From there it has really been a buffet table of incredible authors with incredible stories to tell.  I’ll name a few, but this list is far from exhaustive. 

Brent Weeks’s characters are always incredible, and his ability to offer a picture of love and redemption even in the darkest of times is stirring. 

I love pretty much every book by Brandon Sanderson, but his Stormlight Archive books are a particular favorite. His world and magic system building is renowned, but his ability to get a reader to cheer for his characters from page one is also of particular note.

Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series is incredible. If you haven’t read it, you really need to check it out. 

Then, of course, there is THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss, absolutely anything by Guy Gavriel Kay, Orson Scott Card, Brian McClellan, Peter Orullian, Peter F. Hamilton, Scott Lynch … and oh so many more.

So reading, that was my gateway drug. It didn’t take terribly long for me to figure out that writing is really just reading on steroids. Not only am I swept along in a tale of someone else’s creation, but I get to play an active role in that creation process.  It is wonderfully messy and tangled and thrilling all at once. I’ve always loved a good turn of phrase and once I got to add that into the mix of story creation, I was hooked.

I think it is the power of stories that keeps me going both reading and writing. It is entertainment value, yes, but it’s something more as well. As the incredible Canadian author, Guy Gavriel Kay stated to Robert Crew from the Toronto Star, “I do want to give you that escapist adventure, I do want you crying with my characters, but I also want you to be brought home to the situation in your own world by the themes I explore within that setting.”

In short, stories offer us something more than the delightful escape (though that is certainly there).  Stories can teach us something that we might struggle to realize while bogged down in the surroundings of the real world.

There’s a power in stories. There’s a power in the written word. At the end of the day, I guess I just want to share in that power with my readers.

These are my two books:


If you want, you can find me on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Blessings to all of you.  Read with Joy!


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