Wednesday, 20 December 2017

** sings ** HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE, I'M ONLY 23! **cough-cough**

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Well, I made it to another birthday and guess how I am gonna spend it? You got it... READING!!! 
I happen to have three authors whose work I am loving at the moment and they are Nikki Landis (#paranormalromance, #erotica #supernatural), D. J. Doyle (#horror #extremehorror #historicalhorror), and lastly a newcomer to the publishing world, at least the one of the books, Claire Barrand (#shortstories, #horror #supernatural).

So I treated myself to one of each of their works! I was lucky enough to be given the job of editing the latest offering of Nikki Landis -- DUNGARI RISE and I gotta tell you, I have preordered it! I want it, the published version, on my kindle. It is an amazing read and a tale love against all odds. 
If you love SyFy/Erotica/fantasy romance then you will just adore this!

Next on my reading list is the 2nd book in The Celtic Curse series, Newgrange. I love the premise of this and as a lover of all things magical both light and dark I can not wait to get my teeth into this. I have read all the amazing reviews for it on both Amazon and Goodreads and I am so excited to see if it will be as good as Banshee, or if it will be even better. 

Lastly, to read by the fire with a nice glass of wine is the first of hopefully many offerings from the fantastic Claire Barrand. This talented writer has been writing on all things paranormal for a long time and recently took that from the page to the airwaves with Dead Creepy Paranormal Podcast which she did alongside her sister Linzi Smith. This is the first of many I hope, as after reading the preview I know this will be a creepy yet engaging read.

I know...I want to wish me Happy Birthday but you don't know where to send the amazing present you got me...don't worry, I would be even more buzzed if you supported one of the amazingly talented writers above instead by buying, reading, and reviewing one of their titles. 

If I don't get the chance to say it, I will say it now...

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