Friday, 29 December 2017

New Release From The Amazing Helen Pryke -- THE HEALER'S SECRET

'Jennifer’s life isn’t going as she planned. Fired from her job and on the brink of divorce at thirty-one, her only salvation lies at the bottom of a wine bottle. When her mother insists she get away from everything, she reluctantly agrees to explore her Italian roots in Tuscany.

Staying in her family’s centuries-old cottage, she becomes embroiled in a mysterious tragedy involving her great-grandmother. As she delves further into her ancestors’ history, she discovers there is more to her heritage than meets the eye.

Ghosts from the past could give Jennifer something she thought she’d never have: a future. But that depends on whether she can resist temptation and avoid slipping back into her old ways.

Will she be able to conquer her inner demons and discover the healer’s secret?'

This fantastically written and beautifully sculpted novel is available in both ebook and print (for those of you, like myself, who love the smell of a book) and at 236 pages in length, it is just long enough to allow you to fall into the story and immerse yourself in the life of the characters and short enough to hold you gasping for the next instalment.


A 'mysterious' heritage, not to be missed.

16 December 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

There’s a little bit of magic in this book, and I don’t mean the kind with magic wands and spells. It’s enchanting and yet pulls on the threads of normal life. Family tragedies, a mysterious heritage and the strength to pull through the obstacles that life throws at us. Filled with colorful characters, the author Helen Pryke takes us on a tale of self-discovery and courage, and in doing so takes on tough topics. The book is beautifully presented, and I especially liked the little details such as the family tree and illustrations. Discovering Tuscany and Italian life, this is an emotional journey not to be missed.

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