Friday, 30 June 2017

Love #Romance? Then you will love this fantastic book by @CarolDevine

Mariah (Horse Whisper Novel Book 1)Mariah by Carol Devine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First of, I'd like to point out that the last time I read this type of genre (Romance) I was in my late teens, and that was many moons ago. I would have devoured these types of books like they were the oxygen I needed to breathe. But as my life changed, as too did my reading material. I moved from Romance fiction to non-fiction and myths, lore, and legends.

That is the reason I choose this book to read, and I am glad I did. Mariah is set in a small town called Grizzly Springs and revolves around two main characters Mariah McBride, a disgraced FBI Agent and Kellan 'Shane' Youngblood, a steamy and sexy Horse Whisperer.

Both characters are likable and I felt my old excitement grow further I got into the story. There is no denying the chemistry between these too as they fill a void in each other that they themselves never knew they had. The sex scenes were EXACTLY as they should be for a romance novel, not too detailed nor too long (If you are after more detailed and longer scenes you need to be browsing the Erotica sections rather than Romance IMO).

The Story was well plotted which ensured that the story flowed well without dragging or feeling like it was rushed. I hate spoilers so I will not give any away. What I will say is that this book has given me a taste of my youth and the passion for once more indulging in Romance.

It is a well deserved 4 stars!!

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