Monday, 22 May 2017

Supernatural Compendium -- Thunderclap

We are hosting a thunderclap campaign to raise awareness of the collection of stories put together by various authors in multiple genres. It is a sample of their work and it is available now for 99c/p.
Why should you buy it? Well, all monies received will be donated to a Children's Cancer Charity.

It is a great way to gift to charity and get your hands on the works of 11 talented authors all at once.
We were gonna offer the book up for free but Amazon does not allow it. The minimum amount it allows is 99c/p so we decided that seeing as we weren't doing it for the money, that we would donate all royalties from the book sales to a worthwhile cause.

Grab your copy today and sign up with your facebook and or twitter to bring awareness to friends and family on the Thunderclap release day.

pppssssttt... ps... Thunderclap does not spam your accounts. It will post once on your wall to say you have signed up and then once on the day of the Thunderclap. That is it. It does not have access to your accounts beyond what I have stated.

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