Friday, 19 May 2017


I want to share with everyone this absolutely fantastic podcast that is hosted by two very good friends of mine Claire and Linzi the Paranormal Sisters. They have just started a podcast called Dead Creepy Podcast.

This is their third episode and for me the best so far. I love all things paranormal (I am even a paranormal investigator -- shocker huh?) so when they began this I supported them as friends do BUT boy am I blown away by how fantastic they are at it, and OMG Darryl just makes me cry with laughter (you need to tune in to find out about the insightful skeptic).

Below I am sharing their first three episodes but guys, I would highly recommend that you get on your devices and subscribe to the sisters... You will not be disappointed. You can find them on iTunes and Podbean.

Also, follow them on social media: 

Plus if you have any stories you want to share you can message them via their Facebook page, and sure while you are there hit that LIKE button and share with people you know will love them too! 

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