Sunday, 30 April 2017

* * * * BOOK REVIEW - - GHETTO by M L Sparrow * * * *

This was quite the box ticking exercise.
#Fantasy #Drama #Romance #YA #Action #Dystopian

Action: 4/5
Drama: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Plot: 4/5

This little gem is set in the future and centers around Sunny, the president's daughter.
I found this book wasn't just a piece of well-written fiction but that it was a morality compass which shone the light on segregation and injustice highlighted in the class system within the book that could easily mirror some lives of people today.
I am never a fan of telling the plot in a review so I will suffice it to say if you love sci-fi/dystopian/romance that reaches out to touch real life then you will love Ghetto. It is well deserving of the 4* Stars awarded. This is M L Sparrow at her best. Be prepared to root for the underdogs.


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Saturday, 29 April 2017


Hiya everyone,

I am so excited to be among those who get to share with you all the cover reveal for M L Sparrows new book 
Red Days. 

This is an amazing story told in an eloquent and informative way.  Now Red Days is not on sale JUST yet, but you can pre-order it from today, and if you do, this amazing author is offering you to be in with a chance to win a year-long adoption of a dolphin. How cool is that?!? To be in with a chance to win simply pre-order your copy and send a screenshot of the confirmation to M L Sparrow. It is that easy.

Here is a little bit about the author:

M L Sparrow is currently the author of four full-length novels, a novella and a slew of short stories published in various anthologies. She will write pretty much anything that pops into her head, no matter the genre, and enjoys keeping her readers guessing as to what she will write next, though you can pretty much guarantee that there will be some degree of romance! 

As well as writing, she enjoys traveling and has been to some amazing countries, where she never fails to gather inspiration and has an endless supply of ideas for future novels…

Here is the blurb for this amazing book:

Blurb - 

2017: 235 taken into captivity, 570 slaughtered.

Keiko never set out to be an activist, but when she’s sent on an assignment to Taiji, Japan, the ball is set in motion. Reporting on the brutal yearly slaughter of hundreds of dolphins alters her life.

Over the course of ten years, Keiko follows the highs and lows of the campaign to stop the slaughter of dolphins in Japan and attempts to bring change through her articles. Will her efforts and that of many others be enough?

*Though fictional, Red Days is based on a series of true events up until January 2017*

Monday, 24 April 2017

BOOK REVIEW: The Awakening - Part One ( A MUST READ 4 STAR)

The Awakening: Part One (The Lycan War Saga, #1)The Awakening: Part One by Michael Timmins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was not what I was expecting at all. Being Irish myself I was loving the two female druids and how Timmins weaved their war and its fallout was masterful. This had a unique take on many old hashed out things such as Were's and the like, I found it refreshing and I really got hooked. (So much so that when I was to be working I found myself instead locked away with my kindle reading this little gem)

The story, in the beginning, was a little slow moving but when it got going it truly found its feet. Positives for me were the female roles of the druids, the were animals and the world crafting via the fabulous storytelling. The negatives would have to be multiple POV but that is a personal taste thing. This was not what kicked this from a 5 star to a 4 star, that would be the abrupt ending. I like cliffhangers as much as the next person but this felt almost 'cut off'. Overall this is a great read and I would highly recommend it to lovers of fantasy/supernatural.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Love epic fantasy? This is the book for you!

The Eye of Everfell (The Shadow Battles, #1)The Eye of Everfell by Bard Constantine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Until today my only love of epic fantasy was LOTR and its various installments. That was until I got my hands on Bard Constantine's The Eye of Everfell.

Bard Constantine has a wonderful and masterful way of telling a tale. He is descriptive (which is certainly needed in this genre) yet not overly so as to bore. Three lives play out their fate within these pages and their storylines are woven in style. One a Lord, another a Knight and the last a Seer. The characters are well thought out and developed allowing me to feel a sense of connection to each.

I will not give any spoilers (I hate people who do that, poor taste) but what I will say is I was over the moon at being pointed towards such a gem. Well deserved 5 stars.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

*** Author Review *** Kat Gracey / Werewolves of Eden: Wild Things

Werewolves of Eden: Wild ThingsWerewolves of Eden: Wild Things by Kat Gracey

I have a liking for the works of this amazing author. Ms Gracey has an amazing way of slowly pulling you into the story. This book, like all her others has a fantastic cast of colourful characters headed by the MC Cheyenne, the daughter of the head Were Hunter. The book is not only steeped in the supernatural as she tries to discover who the alpha is who is rallying up an army but she must also deal with the mundane of teenage angst.
The characters are well developed and the story flows nicely to a point were you sit to read one moment and the next thing you know two hours have passed, your family are unfed and all because Cheyenne has taken you along on her quest to help her friend and aling the way stop this arrogant alpha from achieving his goal.
I would highly recommend this book to lovers of #supernatural #paranormal #YA and #NA #Fantasy. Fantastic wand well deserving of five stars. This authors work is fantastic and I would highly recommend.

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Forest of Ancestors (The Guardians #1)