Saturday, 11 March 2017

#IWD2017 at the IRISH WRITERS CENTRE, in Dublin

Today we forego the author interviews, because today was the day that I brought Eli and the guys to the Irish Writers Center in Dublin, Ireland, as part of #International Women's Day 2017.
The event was organised by a group of talented ladies in Women Aloud NI group on Facebook and hosted by the fantastic team in the Irish Writing Ctr.

The day started with a train ride from Belfast to Dublin with many of the ladies mentioned above.  As we traveled, each took a turn to stand and read aloud to the others in the carriage, a section of their work.  The talented ladies covered many genres and the prose ranged from poems to novels.

We reached the host location where we were greeted, and a copy of each of our works were left there within its library, a great honor indeed for any Irish author.

The day then continued with a volley of authors reading from their work in front of a gathering of like-minded and equally talented authors both male and female.  I, along with fellow author D. J. Doyle, were time keepers and every three minutes we signaled the change of reader, and so the day progressed.

The whole day was amazing.  I got to meet so many fabulous ladies in the field and from both Trad and Indie publishing backgrounds. It was an inspiration and I am quite proud to have been apart of it.

Now... it is time to close the laptop and take this tired authors ass to bed.

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