Monday, 6 March 2017


I thought I would put together on this post a few pointers and links so that those of you who want to give creating your cover a go can have the tools there that are easy to use and that don't cost a lot (if anything).  Below you will find some useful links that will allow you to download stock images and allow you to alter them (the degrees will vary depending on your skill level of paint or Photoshop), upload them to a site that sizes them and lets you use preset fonts to achieve a professional looking cover.

This is a site called CANVA which 
allows you to create many things 
including covers and promotional 
materials for your book.

I would suggest that you play around with it for a little while and get used to it before trying in earnest to design your cover.

This is PIXABAY where you can access photos, vectors and illustrations that are free to download and free for commercial use. (Just be aware that unless you alter the image you run the risk of others using the exact same image).

I will follow this post up during the week with one on how to navigate the Template on Createspace.

(These are meant to guide you, I advise that you play around with the tool and be aware that some images on this site do come at a cost)

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