Wednesday, 1 March 2017


I was lucky enough to have read this before it went to publication.

This is a great end to an amazing journey. The first book The Council of Three introduced us to the nefarious and insidious world of the Fae. Peter Walsh's investigations into the infamous Sligo Five or the fallen ones and what connection they had to the school children that went missing is a real page turner.
The sequel The Malice of Darkness seen a new pawn come into play in the form of Keely. The incredible yet painful journey this girl took was heart breaking.

Now, in this, the final installment we meet Psychic Kris Henderson. When she becomes embroiled in a fifteen year old murder case, the insidious powers that circle the case have now reached such heights that they challenge the resolve of Kris and those that work by her side.
"... A war described in our ancient manuscripts and spoken in whispers, a war where human life is expendable..." And this is something that she finds out just as other walking this path did before her.

This is a great end to an amazing story.  Barry Fitzgerald is an amazing story teller and his ability to draw you in and connect you with the characters is second to none.  I highly recommend not just this installment but all the books in this series.

 Barry's Website - Listing more books, both fiction and non-fiction

You can pre-order the kindle version here on Amazon.

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