Monday, 27 February 2017

*** BOOK REVIEW - Stirring Power (Evolution of Magic Book 1) ***

I was given an arc copy of this novel for an honest review so here it is...

This was a well crafted, and well written story of a young man coming into a power he was unaware he possessed. The story itself moved along at a constant pace and the story kept me engaged. 

Occasionally I felt the MC needed a little work regrading his reactions, just tweaked a little so that he mirrored how any other would react in those circumstances. BUT I have given four stars because the writing itself is really well done. The author is fluent in their craft.

As remarked in a previous review on Goodreads... I found the new cover more compelling and this would have had be pick this book up to read the blub.
I would happily recommend to this book to lovers of Fantasy and mild horror.

If you want to discover a new author here is the Amazon link:

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