Friday, 12 August 2016

The "Annoying Email" Spam

So for about 4 weeks now I've been getting loads (upto 9 a day) of newsletters via email from authors. 
For the first few days I just unsubscribed and forgot about it, but as days passed and the emails continued I began to get annoyed. 
I turned to some of the authors to ask how they got my email, some were helpful others not so much. 
Regardless I continued to receive more each day from new senders. 
I decided to contact the service providers, they were helpful. They removed my email from mailing lists on their servers and it all stopped for a day or two but it started once more. 
I contacted the providers again only to be told I had been newly added by other authors so only way to stop this was to block my email address on their servers. 
After much time and digging I have found out that my email was added to this 
I'm not sure if it was by mistake (someone entered the wrong address) or if someone thought it funny to add me, but regardless it's been an absolute pain in the ass.
So if you are someone who signs up for things like this then please read the small print... One of the authors I enquired with told me that... "Part of the contest rules is that you agree to be signed up for the participating author's newsletters." Well that would be 100, so get your inbox ready! 

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