Wednesday, 10 August 2016

*** Read the small print ***

Well I've a story for you guys.
I started getting emails/newsletters about three weeks ago. It started with one a day and at its highest was up to nine a day.  I found out that I had been signed up for a newsletter and that my details had then been passed on to MANY other authors to the point that I've had to contact all providers (like madmimi and mailchimp) and ask for my email address to be removed from their servers, which they did. Low and behold two days later I started receiving them again, as it turns out after making contact once more with the service providers, I have been re-added to the lists by certain authors once more. I've now been told that to stop them I have to have my email blocked by the providers so that it stops once and for all.

Why am I sharing this? Simple... To make you aware. Most providers do not allow this practice, and will investigate and ban the author responsible from using their service. 

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