Wednesday, 17 August 2016


To all you lovers of YA, this is your opportunity to not only get a free copy of a fantastic short, but your opportunity to help out a great author at no cost to your pocket. 
Blackrock is absolutely free to read through Inkitt. No gimmicks or spam. 

Sam needs 100 reader requests by Aug 21st. You do not have to finish the book by then, or leave a review although all reviews are welcome. Simply follow the link and request a copy. That's it. 

Blackrock is no ordinary town. Built on a series of caves which contain black quartz crystal, certain residents have the ability to channel the power from the crystals and use it against others. 
Kasey Barton is new in town and doesn't believe in magic or curses, but she gets a crash course from her new friend Elliot. 
The town was cursed hundreds of years ago by Katherine Lowe, a powerful witch. The heirs from her coven still live in town but her own heir could drain the magic from the quartz and use it to level the town.
Dragged into it against her will, Kasey is targeted, leaving her family in danger. Can she figure out who the heir is before it gets her killed?

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