Wednesday, 17 August 2016


To all you lovers of YA, this is your opportunity to not only get a free copy of a fantastic short, but your opportunity to help out a great author at no cost to your pocket. 
Blackrock is absolutely free to read through Inkitt. No gimmicks or spam. 

Sam needs 100 reader requests by Aug 21st. You do not have to finish the book by then, or leave a review although all reviews are welcome. Simply follow the link and request a copy. That's it. 

Blackrock is no ordinary town. Built on a series of caves which contain black quartz crystal, certain residents have the ability to channel the power from the crystals and use it against others. 
Kasey Barton is new in town and doesn't believe in magic or curses, but she gets a crash course from her new friend Elliot. 
The town was cursed hundreds of years ago by Katherine Lowe, a powerful witch. The heirs from her coven still live in town but her own heir could drain the magic from the quartz and use it to level the town.
Dragged into it against her will, Kasey is targeted, leaving her family in danger. Can she figure out who the heir is before it gets her killed?

Friday, 12 August 2016

The "Annoying Email" Spam

So for about 4 weeks now I've been getting loads (upto 9 a day) of newsletters via email from authors. 
For the first few days I just unsubscribed and forgot about it, but as days passed and the emails continued I began to get annoyed. 
I turned to some of the authors to ask how they got my email, some were helpful others not so much. 
Regardless I continued to receive more each day from new senders. 
I decided to contact the service providers, they were helpful. They removed my email from mailing lists on their servers and it all stopped for a day or two but it started once more. 
I contacted the providers again only to be told I had been newly added by other authors so only way to stop this was to block my email address on their servers. 
After much time and digging I have found out that my email was added to this 
I'm not sure if it was by mistake (someone entered the wrong address) or if someone thought it funny to add me, but regardless it's been an absolute pain in the ass.
So if you are someone who signs up for things like this then please read the small print... One of the authors I enquired with told me that... "Part of the contest rules is that you agree to be signed up for the participating author's newsletters." Well that would be 100, so get your inbox ready! 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

*** Read the small print ***

Well I've a story for you guys.
I started getting emails/newsletters about three weeks ago. It started with one a day and at its highest was up to nine a day.  I found out that I had been signed up for a newsletter and that my details had then been passed on to MANY other authors to the point that I've had to contact all providers (like madmimi and mailchimp) and ask for my email address to be removed from their servers, which they did. Low and behold two days later I started receiving them again, as it turns out after making contact once more with the service providers, I have been re-added to the lists by certain authors once more. I've now been told that to stop them I have to have my email blocked by the providers so that it stops once and for all.

Why am I sharing this? Simple... To make you aware. Most providers do not allow this practice, and will investigate and ban the author responsible from using their service. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

A beautiful gift

Even before embarking on my writing journey I always thought it amazing how reading brought you to many worlds and if done right, land you as the hero by immersing you into the story, in to that mind. 
It's not until I wrote The Guardians that I realised the true beauty of being able to conceive an idea, grow it in your imagination, and birth it onto paper. 
The ability to draw people into that world truly is a gift that not all are given and it's why we all have our favourite authors. 



Forest of Ancestors (The Guardians #1)