Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Excerpt - The Guardian: Forest of Ancestors - Chapter Two

The Guardian: Forest of Ancestors

:::::: E x c e r p t ::::::
::::: Chapter Two ::::::

'Earth to Eli? I swear kid you need those ears checked, I think you have had one blow too many to that noggin of yours,' Fuck! Caught red handed you twat. With an embarrassed cough I could feel a wave of heat hit my face and it wasn't caused by the fire either. I felt like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, I faked picking something of my boot.

I Choose to ignore the fact that she'd just called me out and instead slowly lifted my gaze, but as I was about to open my mouth, 'Would explain a lot,' Fionn chipped in, a big ole grin on his mug, 'I mean man, you can't tell me it don't look like he's been beaten with every branch of the ugly tree.' The others laughed and Eion slapped him on the back congratulating him on his witty take down.

My face broke into a broad grin as I flipped him off, “Bite me Barbie.”

(c) K A Denver



Forest of Ancestors (The Guardians #1)