Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Deadlines... Who needs them?

Well as we all know I am working steadily towards my deadline and as hard as I try, with all the best intentions in the world, I feel like I am running in quicksand.  

Here are a few of the reasons why I am finding it difficult:

  • 'Mum':  this is a word that 9/10 times when it is said I smile and reply with a 'Yes Hun, what's up?'  but off course today is that 1/10, today is the day when I am feeling the pressure of the impending DEADLINE and my children forget they belong to a two parent family and can only remember to say 'Mom, can I have...' or 'Mom, I'm starving...' yes, today is the day I am changing my name to Margaretta Bobblypops Noname, yup.
  •  Juggling:  I don't know about you, I know this is something us women are supposed to be good at, and to a degree we are, but today I have discovered my limitations and that I have only been gifted with one pair of hands.  

So if like me you are experiencing the above I have a suggestion, do what I am doing right now...
  1. Insert ear plugs
  2. smile and nod, occasionally make listening sounds
  3. order takeaway and if all that fails, the last resort,
  4. find a room and lock yourself away, but not before you pin a note to the door saying,
               Death To All Who Dare Enter
     (unless bringing gifts to appease the monster: Chocolate & Cola - acceptable offerings)

So as I retreat into my cavern of endless magical worlds and hot Warrior Witches I ask only one thing, if you wish to contact me, please know - Cadburys is always a winner and Redbull will give me more than wings :) 


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