Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The Grimoire Prophecies -- AUDIOBOOK !!!! It's Here!!!

#NowAvailable #audiobook #Novella #TheGrimoireProphecies is now available in audiobook format on #Amazon and #Audible. Thank you to the Amazingly talented Megan Nutt - Narrator for doing an awesome job!!! #CheckItOut 

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

New Year - New Me!! (No honestly...I promise)

So 2018 is officially over and 2019 has just begun. I have given thought to all the projects I have sitting. Many are outlined, some in detail, and many are already started with as much as 30K words down on paper. For me, 2018 was the year of procrastination but I am set on changing that for 2019.
I will be aiming to complete quite a few projects this year, including those listed below:

Forest of Shadows (Book 2 in The Guardians Series)
Eternal Night (Book 2 in The Grimoire Prophecies Novella Series)
Fallen (First installment of my new RH PNR series)
Title to be decided -  (Second Installment of my little Fantasy Horror - Dog Soldiers) 

All those listed are current WIPs (Works In Progress) and I will be aiming to have all published during 2019 as well as the audiobook versions (time permitting).

Yes, yes, I know this seems like a lot and many of you who know me are reading this and thinking to yourselves, 'Where is she getting the time to do all this? Is she actually planning on sleeping at all in 2019?' BUT I do have each project outlined in detail and yes, if it kills me (or gives me sleep deprivation) I will finish all these projects this year. 

So, here is a toast for 2019, and wishing all a busy, successful, happy and healthy 2019!


Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Dog Soldiers Excerpt -- A little bite of Were for lovers of the wolf.

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     I lay on my back and gasped while I struggled to breathe. The stench of the sand dusted ground beneath me filled my senses; a heady mix of sweat and blood so dense that I could almost taste it.  Fuck … I opened my eyes or at least attempted to. The left one wasn’t budging, the swelling causing it to be sealed shut. My right opened, but my vision was blurred, everything tinted red. My guess? Either my blood or the other guys, hard to tell. How the fuck did my life fall so deep into the shitter?


     I’d been deployed with the guys just a few days ago, some dick had drawn the golden ticket and found himself on Big A’s shit list. We had no idea what had put him there, and we didn’t care, it wasn’t our job to question. It was our job to follow orders. The usual suspects, Bucky, Diggler, KT and me along with the addition of an FNG (Fucking New Guy). The Serg had thrown him in, mumbled something about wanting him to ‘hit the ground running.’ It was his first time out of the cage. Couldn’t believe he had been tossed in with us, but I gotta say the kid was savage.
     We were dropped off a few miles away and met up with one of our guys on scout. They had everything we needed in the trunk of an old beat up Cavalier. The thing looked like a gust of wind would be just enough pressure to have it fall apart. It looked like a piece of shit, but it was a reliable piece of shit. Our contact had HK416s, Mk 46 Machine Guns and M9 Berettas all ready to rock and roll. We stopped short of our target and grabbed the crap from the trunk. I glanced at each of the guys and smiled watching one strap a 9-inch jagged-toothed blade to their calf. Another tucked a Glock into the belt of his pants, and I held in my palm my old friend Mr. Hellbringer aka an HK45CT, good old .45 handgun used by the good ole boys back home.
     The FNG had weapons placed everywhere on him, rookie mistake. But, when KT pointed it out the asshole just flipped him off and told him to, ‘suck it.’ KT looked like he wanted to rip the kids head off. But I gave a small shake of my head to let him know now wasn’t the time. Bring that shit home and sort it there, we had a job to do, and in-house fighting was not gonna happen, not on my watch.
     We got back in the car and traveled the short distance to our target. The compound was out on its own. Even though dense forestry circled the enclosure, it had been cut back a good two hundred feet, my guess? It was so the bastards could see shit coming at them. A wall lined the boundary and on top of it stood some rough looking guys, mercenaries I guessed with AKs and fuck knew what else.
     Our contact had been able to drive in with a brief nod and without being stopped. I was surprised, the dossier on the head asshole here indicated that they had tight security, we weren’t seeing that at all. My gut tightened, my spidey senses were telling me that they had been tipped off and that this was a trap. I dropped the code word into the conversation to give the guys a heads up on what I was thinking. Diggler groaned, KT took it in his stride, Bucky let out a slow, low whistle and the FNG brought a whoop of ‘Yippie ki yay’ to the party.
     They didn’t wait long; the guys and I had just climbed out of the car when hell broke loose. We all split and dove for cover, keeping in mind to have each of the team within sight, we readied ourselves for the slaughter. I could see four of the guards running towards KT, but as I was about to lay down cover fire to allow him to back away, the FNG stepped out and into the open. He riddled the fuck out of them, and they crumpled and fell. One guy took a hit to the neck, and a heavy spray of blood fanned out into the air and soaked the guy beside him. They were the first to fall, but sure as hell they weren’t the last.
     A few minutes in I was beginning to think that the FNG must be hopped up on some illegal shit cause the guy was like a machine. The body count was piling up with most of the count going to him. I’d swear at one point I’d seen Diggler pull out a cigar and lean against the side of a building facing the chaos and smoke that cancer stick to the butt.
     It was like letting a rabid dog off the leash and watching it tear through a schoolyard at recess. Normally that shit would need to be kept tidy, but orders were it was a free-fire zone. Which, in good ole everyday American, meant that the only ones to walk away from this, should be us. So, we just let the kid fly and moving along we picked up the strays.
     It wasn’t a bad day’s work, we were in and out in a few hours. Then we were in the air again and on our way back to base as it hit thirteen hundred hours local time. Each of us covered in all sorts of crap. I watched amused as KT noticed something on his shoulder and barked out a laugh when he leaned in for a closer look only to let out a loud “For fuck's sake! DUDE!” He quickly swept off a hand-sized spider, it hit the floor, and he bounced to his feet stomping hard on it. The finger-like legs splayed out on the floor and around his boot, dark red, almost black goo oozed out. “Christ! I hate those things. Fucking hairy bloodsucking bastards!”
     “A bit like your Ex then, huh Big K?” Diggler choked out as he laughed.
     “Go fuck yourself, Dig!”
     “Many times, my friend, many, many times.” Diggler’s big cheesy grin had everyone laughing. Yup, it was great getting out with the guys.

Copyright © 2017, 2018 -  by K. A. DENVER.

No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission. Please do not encourage piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights.

All rights reserved.


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As some of you may know, I recently took up the position of Reviews Editor for a part of Books Go Social called The International Review of Books. This has been an exciting post to step into and I have found it rewarding to be part of a team who help authors gain the recognition they deserve.
But, it has been while carrying out my role here that I have discovered that many of you do not know exactly what an editorial review is or how it can benefit you.

The standard definition is:
An editorial review is a review published by a third person or entity. Editorial reviews are not solicited by the author, except by sending a copy of the work to the desired publication or website requesting a review. The decision is entirely made by the editor or book reviewer. An editorial review should have a verifiable source which can be checked by a third party. Amazon / any other selling platform or peer-to-peer reviews are not editorial.
An editorial review is given so that YOU the author can add it to your book's information via Amazon's Author Central (If you, as an author, do not have one of these already then I highly recommend you do so. There are two, the UK based and US based that I personally know of.

An editorial review is an honest review from a reader in your books target audience. It is given openly and without prejudice by a reviewer unknown to the author.  Depending on the length of the review it can be used as part of the blurb, a review on the back cover or in promotional material for the reviewed book.

These types of reviews are respected as those giving them are usually known book bloggers, some are among Amazons TOP REVIEWERS and they have a proven high standard when it comes to reviews.

Now that you know WHAT they are, I will give you my thoughts on why you would want one.
Many question glowing or 4/5-star reviews as being biased and given by the authors family or friends or a the very least people known to the author. Those wishing to help the author gain credibility for their book. Although this is not always the case, at times it is indeed true.
This can take the shine of great reviews and cast a shadow of doubt in the potential readers' mind as to the actual truth of the review.

With an editorial review, a potential reader can be in no doubt as to the honesty and validity as they are given (as stated above) by a proven reviewer and one who loves the genre the book is placed in. They are seen as a review that can be trusted.

When given a choice, I know which review I would take to the bank and which I would push to the side if a choice was given.
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If you are interested in receiving an editorial review then I suggest you take a look at

Their tier system is simple and non-expensive. 

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Listen Up...No, really...Forest of Ancestors AUDIO BOOK is now here!!!

So, after getting up the confidence to do it I took the leap... an AUDIO BOOK of my first novel FOREST OF ANCESTORS: The Guardians Series (7.9 hrs of Eli and the guys...).

The book is narrated by the amazing Mark Killmer (thank you, Mark, you really rocked the voice of Eli) and is now available on Audible US and Audible UK!!

I am just so excited to finally share this with you and let you hear the voice of Eli. Mark is very talented and not only did he do justice to Eli, but he brought a unique touch to the Dark Ones.

Want to know more? Click the highlighted links.

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming competition where you will get the chance to win a free copy of the audiobook. You will find it and me here on my Facebook Author Page over the next few weeks.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018


Hi guys, I have added my short little horror to the October Terror Readers Choice Awards and I would really love if you were to help me out. I could be doing with your vote for my short DOG SOLIDERS:

To vote CLICK HERE and chose #42 to help me with this awesome competition.
Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Review of Arcam by Jason Minick

Arcam (DCI Robson Book 1)Arcam by Jason Minick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#Arcam #BGS #BooksGoSocial

                             OVERALL SCORE: 5 out of 5

This was a gripping read. From the moment I picked it up, I was hooked. DCI Jack Robson has a lot on his plate. Single parent, juggling a career with family life and struggles, things are tough. But when tasked to investigate strange cases of people going missing he has no idea just how much his worldview will be turned upside down.

Now I won't lie, there were times when I would sigh at some descriptive heavy paragraphs but on the grand scheme of things, it was a small annoyance when tallied against the greater plot, well-developed characters, and quaint twists.

I would recommend this great title to lovers of crime, suspense, and police drama. It has everything you expect and so much more.

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Forest of Ancestors (The Guardians #1)